The Use of Colours in Design #Colours #NBforDesign

Colours and their Emotional Meanings …

Red: Energy, Passion, Action, Urgency, Ambition, Determination and Anger.

Orange: Social Communication, optimism, Pessimism and superficiality.

Yellow: The mind & Intellect Optimistic & Cheerful, Impatience, Criticism and Cowardice.

Green: Balance & growth, Self-reliant & Possessive.

Blue: Trust & Peace, Loyalty & Integrity, Conservatism & Frigidity.

Purple: Imagination, Creative & Individual, Immature & Impractical.

Turquiose: Communication & Clarity of Mind, Impractical & Idealistic.

Magenta: Harmony & Emotional Balance, Spiritual yet Practical, Encouraging Common Sense and a Balanced Outlook on Life.

Brown: Friendly, Serious, Down-to-Earth, Security, Protection, Comfort and Material Wealth.

Gold: Success, Achievement & Triumph, abundance & Prosperity, Luxury & Quality, Prestige & Sophistication, Value & Elegance.\

Silver: Feminine Energy, Related to the Moon & the Ebb & Flow of the Tides, Fluid, Emotional, Sensitive & Mysterious.

White: Most complete & Pure, Perfection, Innocence, Wholeness and Completion.

Grey: Color of Compromise –  it is the transition between two non-colors (Black & White), Unemotional & Detached and Indecisive.

Black: Color of the Hidden, Secretive & Unknown, Mysterious. It keeps things bottled up inside, hidden from the world.

Choose your colour/s to represent you and your world.

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